Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm emo, that's why I'm here blogging now.
I don't want to tweet so much about emo thing, because I don't even know what to say.
I can't describe my mood now, I can't express my feeling now. This fucking speechless moment. :S

Although I'm having one week holiday, it doesn't seem like a holiday. It's a week for me to deal with assignments!!
There are so many things to care about, not only the studies, but there are still somethings that bother me.
I hope to have a carefree day, seriously just one day, please! I'm really hoping for it. :(

Some unhappy things happened between us. Hmm....I really don't know what to say. Until now, I still don't know what to say. I think we're fine right now but I still feel there's something weird between us. What's wrong with me?? Sighh. How good if I know what's wrong with me.

I start to doubt myself. I start to doubt, am I suit to be somebody's gf? am I really ready to be in a relationship all these while? am I good enough to be somebody's gf? Sometimes, I even think that I don't know how to be somebody's gf. All these things really stress me. I have no idea how to play this role well. I'm afraid I will say something wrong. From now on, I guess I've to be careful for everything I say.
the 'confidence' issue, yeah, I really shouldn't have told you. yeah, we shouldn't even talk about it.
for the 'console' issue, yeah, I'm really sucks in consoling. but before I typed the 'just chill' msg, I really did console you. However, everything I said to you seemed to be so wrong to you. I was speechless and I didn't know what else to say. This is the only thing I could say.

Now I start to miss the time when we were just friends, good friends. How happy we were. No problem at all. Things are really different when the relationship is different. Perhaps these are all the challenges that we need to go through, so I'm gonna take it as a test. I hope we can go through all these tests, don't let them beat us. I will stay strong, hope it's worth it. :)

Thanks to all these stress, I have lost appetite for 3 weeks. I was such a big eater, but now once I see the food, I'm full, I don't feel like eating. Look at the food is enough for me, lol. In other words, I've lost appetite. But I still eat, cos if not, I will suffer from gastric, so I have to eat. After I eat, I feel like puking all out but I can't. STRESS MUCH hor??? :'(

I hope everything is gonna be fine soon. :]

Friday, July 27, 2012

Twitter is down tonight. I don't want to sleep so early, I have nothing to do online, therefore I'm using my time now to blog here. Yes, I'm always lazy to blog. Why blog? Got twitter ma. Twitter is the microblog, just so you know. ;)
Alright, I guess somebody is reading my blog recently for god-knows-what-reason, haha. and oh ya, I blog for fun, so I've never re-read what I've blog in the past. I can't imagine how childish I was, the way I blog and whatever. So yeah, I won't re-read my blog post. I blog to express my current feeling, done blogging and close case.

Hmm...so somebody asked me to blog something for him. Hah, how should I start?
Ok, I'm now in a relationship with............someone. Lol. I guess I've never blogged about my relationship before, right? The relationship I mean here is, the love relationship. Friendship and the relationship with my family, I probably have blogged a lot about it, maybe? I don't remember. Heeeee.
So yeah, I just got into a relationship not long ago, one month ago is not long.
How do we start this relationship? Like normal couple lo, met each other, became friends, getting closer, texting, outing, calling, fell for each other,*click, right timing*, couple! Ta-dah! Hahaha.
Don't expect me to blog here for detail, that's my privacy. Hahaha!
Hmm..that's all for it first. I don't know what to blog already. This is such a short post, but it actually took me long time to blog it. In the middle part, I was stucked for quite long and I didn't know how to continue.

It's 12.44am now. Good night! I should sleep. :) <3

Friday, May 25, 2012

Does that mean a lot to you?

Hello! I'm blogging at this time, 11:46pm, because me is wide awake now. I am super energetic now, I don't know why. Since I have nothing to do, so I signed in to blogger, trying to type something, see whether there's anything for me to blog for.

Oh ya, I would like to say, from now on, I guess my blog post will most probably be tones of words. Lazy girl like me is lazy to take pictures using my camera nowadays because the process of uploading the pictures from the camera to the computer is a long and suffering process. hahaha! what a reason! yeah, but that's my reason. So....my blog will be dull, you can leave or never come back to my blog if you don't like to see posts with full of words. ohh ya, the other reason I don't want to post picture here is because I have no nice picture to share. I'm not a photographer, I can't shoot beautiful things. I'm not pretty, the outcome of the pictures of me is pointless to share. LOL!!

Today, I tweeted about "No matter how, once you criticise my parents, you'll automatically be in my blacklist."
Hell yeah, I do really mean that, ok?
1-2 weeks ago (I forgot how long time ago), I had a conversation with somebody which the way she talked offended me. I don't want to tell the whole convo here, because.....erm...nothing, I just don't want to tell people publicly over here.
We talked about some r/ship stuff (just so you know, r/ship stuff can be about boy-girl r/ship, homo r/ship, friendship, parent-child r/ship, teacher-student r/ship and whatever), and I just told her about my parents' thought in this kind of issue. My parents' point of view is different from her. Maybe you can say my parents are conservative or whatever, but everyone has their own way of thinking, right? Then she straight away said:"Waaaa..how can your parents think that way? It's wrong, you know?? ...................................."
Holyshitwtfwthgoddamnshit-what are you talking about, girl?
You commented on my parents!!!!!!!!!! wtfwth!!
Ok, I admit that I don't agree with the way my parents think.....even me myself never commented anything on it, and you don't know with what kind of thought commented/crictise my parents! wtf!
I don't even dare to comment/criticise anything and you commented about my parents in front of me???
How dare you????
You just said the way my parents think is WRONG!
oh crap, the thing I can't the stand the most is when I heard whoever criticise my parents in front of me! uggghhhh!

Ok, I'm gonna stop complaining here. If not, I'm gonna write a lot here.
nevermind la, just forget it la... hmmm.. :)

I don't know whether is that really mean a lot to you. But I just hope you are doing well in everything.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

After so long...

Oh hi! I'm back here to blog. *ugghhh, you don't say* LOL!
Hmm..I just got the mood to blog suddenly. So let me blog when I still have the mood to blog now.
Looking at my last blog post, ouuhh well, it was in Oct 2011. It has been 7 months that I didn't blog.
Boooo-yahhh, lots of things happened during these 7 months. Well, it's also impossible for me to tell you everything. Nahhh..I'm just gonna simply crap here. :DD

It's the year 2012 already. I have completed my foundation in Jan 2012. It's May now. I have started my degree in Feb and my finals will be in June, which means one more month to go. Hmm...seriously, honestly, degree life is hectic. It's a totally different thing from the foundation. I still remember how did I suffer, struggle with the assignment last month, where every assignment's due date and tests were almost the same time. They could even fall in the same week or same day! Remember, this is only the first sem, 4 subjects. For the coming 2 years, 5 more coming semesters, and probably will have 5 subjects in one sem in the future, I can't imagine how am I gonna survive with all these stuffs! 
Ugghh, this is life. We have to accept it, face it, and go through it. True story of life, I should say. :]

It's the third week of May. May is gonna end soon, June is coming up soon. time flies...........like a ROCKET. -.- 
Hmmm..it was a tough week for me for the past few weeks. It was not tough that I had a lot of assignments, but there were lots of things happened. I overthink and overthink until I didn't sleep well, had nightmares, sleepy for the whole day, energetic for the whole night, couldn't concentrate while driving, and etc. This lasted one whole week on me, ok??!! 
Haihhh..I don't know why I think so much. This has no point but only making myself suffer. Oh ya, this is mood swing, but NOT hormone imbalance, ok??!! I can just be emo, sensitive and get mood swing anytime, anyway, anywhere. Just so you know. hahaha!
Anyway, I have gone through it and I am just trying to not let myself to think too much again, AGAIN.

Lastly, I'm glad to have met all these nice people around me lately. They are being so nice to me. I'm thankful for meeting you all in my life. Thank you thank you! I'll be extra nice to you all too! ^_^
Why am I suddenly saying like this? Hmmm..thinking back to the past, I seriously feel I have met a lot of nice ones around me. Thanks for having these opportunities to meet you all. I should appreciate it and say it out before it's too late, right? :)

*Jenice and I were trying to be smexy in the picture. LOLOLOLOL! how perasan! :P*

Finally, they have admitted. It's so good after telling each other right? No matter how, she is glad to have met him. They probably had no idea that they can be so close like now before that. It's fate, it's the fate that make them meet each other. How far and how long will they go? They probably have no idea. Again, let fate decides it. The right timing will come, trust me. :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has passed away. RIP.
Seriously, i was very shocked when i heard this news. I heard this news when I was on the way driving to college, I didn't believe it at first, until the DJ mentioned it for few times.
Thanks to him, our world has a better improvement in technology.
iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac Book and etc, are all invented by him. these products have made the whole world are crazy over it. his creative are great! :D
what's so special for iPhone? it has only one button, this has made the life so easy, right? haha.

I have just watched his speech which was given in the Stanford Uni. feel free then search it on youtube and watch it. they are meaningful.
"You've got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." part of the speech by Steve Jobs.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."

Friday, August 12, 2011

There goes my Sem 1

ooooooooo laaaaaa laaaaaaa....and there goes my sem one! :P
below these are the photos that taken on last friday, my last day of sem one!
We had taken many pictures on that day..till I am lazy to upload, so I combined them.
hehehehehhh...lazy+smart! that's me! :P *joking lahh*
I just uploaded some of the photos only.

This pictures are all about that guy, you see who appears in every each of the pic?
It's Bird gor lohh..that blue shirt boy.
see...he's LOA!
he destroyed the pictures! hahahaha!
he said he wanna appear in every picture worrr..

angel & me.
we just gone crazy in a sudden. so we took many ugly+funny pictures! xD

me, stephanie & elaine.
steph likes this picture mucchh mucchh. i like her expression too. ;)

we are hot and sexy secretaries! ;p
boss is yuen zhi. :D

well, i know I look Dai-B enough. :)

hmmmm...3 days to go to finals! time not enough adyyy! Help! :(
good luck to myself. :/

Saturday, July 2, 2011

hooooooo...it's saturday today!
this week must be the most busy week since I started my college. why?
I had 3 assignments to hand in. 1 test and 1 final exam. walaooo!
luckily, I'm managed to hand in! why?
I must self-praise here! because I manage my time well. :P
especially my computing assignment. it had the most thing to do for it. I did it from last week till thursday. almost 14 days only I had done it.
it's a pair work. Elaine is my group mate. guess how many pages we've got for this assignment?
63++ pages!!
wow! both of us were so happy when we saw all the pages printing out!
we felt so satisfied...! :D
it's the first time, we did so many pages for assignment. it's the thickest assignment I've ever had.

had math test 1 this tuesday. I've got my result yesterday.
EHHHHH, I'm satisfied with my result lehh. I got 49 marks over 50.
hohohohohohoho....happyyy... :)
I must study harder for the coming test! :D

hmmm...finally everyone was done with their assignment! we were so happy and we wanted to celebrate it!
went to salmon steak house to have lunch with my classmates. :D
i was very very very very tired that time. my eyes were so heavy that time.
as what I said before, my college classmates were funny!
in the time we had lunch there, all the time we were joking and laughed so hard.
laughing, it's enough already. no need to eat already. xD

at 4.30pm, i went back home lorr..as my mum came already.
they went for pool~ i wanna pool also~
long time never pool with them already. :P

on the way walked to my mum's car, i got a revive balloon. wanted to give to my classmates at 1st...cos i dont wanna take the balloon along the road.
it's such a awkward scene. hahahahahahahahaha!
but then, sarah tied that balloon to my bag. ahhhh...!
on the way i walked to my mum's car, got some drivers looked at me with an awkward look. >.<

camwhore a lil with the balloon when i reached home. ;)

i like the above pic..! :D

yeah, middle finger. xD
i dont know why i like to pose this recently.. haha.
i like being rude.
rude is my attitude.
hahahahahaha! :D